Customized Zombie Munny




About: YouTube channel: The Urban Ape

Step 1: Carving

First you want to cut a bunch of little cuts and lacerations in the plastic with a X-Acto knife then you want to slice out areas that you want to show the inside like if you want it's brain to show or have its ear ripped off and then just mess it up with a saw and it kind of make a bunch of little holes and scrapes on it to make it look dead

Step 2: Skulpting

Now if you put a hole in it or if you took out a chunk of it to show the inside what you want to do is fill the head with plastic wrap and compress it as much as you can then sculpt with Clay the details over the plastic wrap

Step 3: Painting/coloring

First you want to paint all the large holes or cuts in it then you want to use a pink sharpie to fill in all the small cuts then once you finish that you want to cover small areas with a pink sharpie then drop it off with a finger or a damp paper towel and do this to the whole thing then use a small tip sharpie to make small marks inside the cuts to make them look deeper

Step 4: Finishing

Now do this to the body and Arms then put all the pieces together and you have a cool customized toy



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