Customized Cardboard in Replace to Expensive Corkboard



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Step 1:

All you need are these:
old jeans
glue gun & glue sticks

Step 2:

simply cover the cardboard with your chosen old jeans.

Step 3:

By using a blade, make a small hole (about half inch of size) on top of the covered cardboard.

Step 4:

When you finished covering it, if you want it to be customized and have it designed, just grab anything from your cabinet. I found my damaged hair clip and ribbon from my drawer. Just glue them (decorations) anywhere you want to put them.

Step 5: Now You Have This =)

And this is the result. Intresting? =)
Have fun on recycling stuffs. It's better than having expensive ones. This will also lessen your trash, right? =)

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