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Introduction: Customized IPod - Protective 'Skin'

Well I was surprised that I couldn't find this one here already, maybe I didn't look well enough.
What this is, is a protective cover for the shiny back of your iPod that prevents scratches and fingerprints, and also makes your iPod way cooler than everyone else's iPod and easily distinguishable too.

Step 1: What You Need and Need to Know

First, you obviously need an iPod. A Zune or other mp3 may work as well, but I did this to my iPod.
You will also need:
-the GIMP, and know how to use it at least a little
-ruler or good guessing skills
-printer and paper
-packing tape or scotch tape, something clear

Step 2: Measure the IPod

You don't need to be to accurate here, round it.

What you should measure is the flat area on the shiny side of the iPod; the edges start to curve away so we just want the flat part.

Remember this, write it down, or measure again in the next step.

Step 3: The GIMP and Interweb

Open up the GIMP and your web browser.

In the GIMP, create a new file. There is a drop-down menu that says pixels, select inches (or millimeters). Then enter your dimensions.

Use google or some site to find images that you like. Then resize and rotate as necessary to fit and look how you want. I add text too.

I zoom in to 200% to see it all better, but everything gets pixilated.

**Alternatively you could skip the whole computer related bit and just draw something by hand.**

Step 4: Print, Cut, Stick It On

The Title says it all for this step.

After you finish the image, save and print.
Cut it out, be neat and try to keep to the dimensions.

Then tape it to the back of your iPod. The way I find is easiest to do this, is to lay a piece of packing tape sticky side up on the table. Then I take another piece and lay it parallel and slightly overlapping. Place the image on the tape (ink face to sticky face) and trim off any excess tape, then put the whole thing onto the iPod.

Now go show off you iPod and brag about how much cooler yours is.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah like 2 people did this already but like a year and a half ago so u couldnt find it but its kindalike refreshing