Customizing a Poorly Designed Closet

Introduction: Customizing a Poorly Designed Closet

This DIY project gives step-by-step instructions on how to add clothing racks and shoe storage to a poorly designed closet.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

2 2"x4" boards
1 7.75oz can of tester paint to your preference
3 1/4" coated sinker nails
Crown Molding
Stud Finder
Finishing Nails
Paint Brush
Metal Adjustable Rods
Mitre Box
Hack Saw
3 1"x6" Shelves
Tape Measure

Step 2: Crown Molding

1. Measure length of wall that crown molding will hang on. 
2. Cut crown molding with hack saw using the mitre box for a straight edge.
3. Paint crown molding and let it dry.
4. Place the first board of crown molding approximately 3" down from ceiling.
5. Nail first board of crown molding into place with finishing nails.
6. Approximately 7" under first row of crown molding hang second board of crown molding with finishing nails.

Step 3: Preparing 2"x4"

1. Use tape measure to measure depth of wall (you will need at least 16" to hang clothes appropriately).
2. Use tape measure to mark off 2"x4" to measured length.
3. Place the 2"x4" in the mitre box.
4. Use the straight edge of the mitre box to cut the 2"x4" straight using the hack saw.
5. Paint all 2'x4" boards that have been cut and allow time to dry.

Step 4: Nailing 2"x4" Onto Wall

1. Use tape measure to measure 1'6" from ceiling, mark this measurement on the wall.
2. Place the cut 2"x4" on wall as in sample picture.
3. Use level to level 2"x4".
4. Use the stud finder to find a stud in the wall.
5. Nail the 2"x4" into the wall with 3 1/4" coated sinker nails. One nail on each end.
6. Repeat steps 1-5 on the opposite wall.

Step 5: Adjustable Rods

1. Measure and mark 2"x4" 1' out from wall.
2. Follow directions on adjustable rod package to screw one side of rod hardware into 2"x4".
3. Use the level and adjustable rod and level the rod to mark where the other set of hardware should go on the opposite 2"x4".
4. Finish screwing rod hardware into 2"x4" at leveled spot.
5. Hang rod on the rod hardware.

Step 6: Shelving

1. Paint shelving and allow time for them to dry
2. Place shelving on top of 2"x4".

Step 7: Finished Closet

Your finished closet with new racks and crown molding shoe organizer should resemble (according to size of closet and number of shelves and racks hung) this.

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