Customizing Your Bicycle With LEDs




Introduction: Customizing Your Bicycle With LEDs

Hello Everyone.

This is my first upload on instructables. Hope you like it......

Step 1: Components/tools Required

1. A 12volt rechargeable battery

2. Some perfboards(to solder leds)

3. Wires(i have used rainbow track)

4. LEDs(white, red, yellow)

5. Some switches

6. 555 timer IC

7. Resistors(1k , 470k)

8. Capacitor(1microfarad)

9. 7809 IC

10. Soldering iron and wire

11. Paper cutter(optional)

12. Wire cutter and nipper

13. Desolder pump(optional)

14. Multimeter(optional)

Step 2: Making of Headlight

Refer the circuit in image.

I have used 4 white led because i have a 12 v source and each white led consumes 3 volt(without getting heated for a long time). So before soldering it on perfboards check how much led and with how much brightness you want. Also think of source as well.

Step 3: Making of Tail Lamp

Refer the circuit of tail lamp.

I have used 6 red led because the red led that i have glow brightly(without being heated) in supply of 2 volts. So i have a series connection of 6 red led across 12 volt source.

Step 4: Making of Indicators

Refer to the circuit for indicators.

I have used the 555 timer IC to make the blinking of led. I have made 2 circuits of this type. One for left side, another for right side. I have added some yellow leds in parallel with the led in circuit. One circuit works for driving of leds at front left and back left. Another circuit works for driving of leds at front right and back right. You can refer to internet for further searches of how the 555 timer IC works.

The 7809 IC is the voltage regulator which provides a constant voltage of 9 volts(when input to it is greater than 10 volts). It is used to generate 9 volt power for the supply to the 555 timer IC.

Step 5: Conclusions / Precautions

Normal operating voltage of LED is 3volts. So before soldering it for final check how much LED you want. I have fused some LED while making the circuit.

Also check the polarity of LED before soldering.

You can fit them as you wish.

Customize your bicycle and enjoy.

Happy Instructables.........

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