Customizing and Improving a Broken Keyboard

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So a lot of people know about video games and some play with a keyboard and a mouse, what I decided to do is to make a backlit keyboard because I've seen this very this very awesome keyboard with lights on them. I am also going to use some legos and make seem very childish/awesome. Up here is an example

Step 1: Materials

- Keyboard

- USB El - wire

- Screwdriver

- USB with more ports (depends on the keyboard)

The video is really helpful it helped me a lot , it is from the Tinkernut YT Channel.

Step 2: Removing the Backing

First, you want to take out the backing of the keyboard using a screw driver. Then try to find the top right part of the keyboard, just below the escape button. You will need to cut a hole there so that the El - Wire fits in. You might have to remove the tilde key so that the wire fully threads in. Then, if you have some extra room inside try fitting the transformer, if not maybe tape it to the keyboard or find some space for it.

Step 3: Removing the Keys

Now, you will have to remove all the keys. Take a picture or put them in order so you don't get confused when putting them back in. You will zig zag through the keys and make sure you use some hot glue around 4 keys at a time so the wire stays down. When you finish you put them back in.

Step 4: Using Legos

I am going to use legos as keys for my keyboard. They have to be a very specific type so that it fits

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    6 Discussions

    Diego montemayor

    8 months ago

    I liked that you took something old and made it look new

    I wonder what would happen if the glue would mess up the keys

    I have confidens that you will win


    8 months ago on Step 4

    Your steps were very good and clear. I wonder how you got your idea. Maybe adding reasons to this could express your ideas even more.


    8 months ago

    That must be fun to game with when the lights are turned off. Very cool! I would have liked to see a photo of the keyboard in the dark.


    8 months ago on Step 4

    Great job and well done on your first submission. I would like to see the complete project with the Legos. Keep sharing.