Cut Plywood the Easy Way!


Introduction: Cut Plywood the Easy Way!

Here is an easy way to cut plywood without struggling to lift the heavy sheet up onto saw horses. You don't need to support the cut off piece to prevent splintering either, because there is no way for it to fall. It's a smooth easy way to cut the big bulky plywood sheets, no matter what thickness. The blade is not damaged in any way, because you set it for just a small protrusion, and the grass is not damaged, but for a line of saw dust where you cut.



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    Another suggestion sparked by this idea: you could lay a sheet of solid insulation down also and cut on top of it. This would allow you to cut even when you don't have a lawn.

    Remember to set that blade thickness so that no more than an 1/8th extends beyond your cut material.

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    good idea on the insulation. what happens if the extension is greater than 1/8?

    Whenever you're cutting material it is best practice to adjust your saw so it's not extending well beyond the thickness of the material. This is primarily for safety, limiting the exposure of the blade to cutting anything else.

    Great idea! For the first time, I now regret the absence of a front lawn.

    Thanks for sharing :)