Cut a 50 Foot+ Long Roll of Mylar on a ShopBot



Pictures show technique for cutting very long continuous design  on a shopbot. 

u will need:

1. CNC Drag Knife, got mine from

2. wooden dowels .75 diameter x2 lengths of 2 inches (for registration between cuts)

3. one long roll of mylar and one long pattern to cut 

4. half inch thick poly-carbonate (or any other sturdy material to hold the roll of mylar on the shopbot as it is cut)

5. 2 inch diameter PVC tube x2 pieces 5 feet long

6. .25 inch flat endmill 2 flute

7. 16 strut nuts and bolts for a ShopBot

8. .75 inch thick sheet of MDF

9. can of Scotch Repositionable Spray mount Adhesive low tack like this one

10. ShopBot with Vacume hold down system

see pictures for reference. Technique involves cuting the design in 7 foot sections at a time, using the scotch adhesive and the vacume to hold down the mylar. The wooden dowels help register the design between cuts. over all the technique worked very well.

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