Cut a Design on the NB Makerspace FABOOL Laser-mini

Introduction: Cut a Design on the NB Makerspace FABOOL Laser-mini

Using the NB Makerspace FABOOL laser-mini is easy, but be sure and follow the rules posted next to it.

Step 1: Log Into FABOOL Software on the Machine Connected to the Laser-mini

Login Page
Go to on Google Chrome.

We are currently getting ready to release English version of Software. To change the language of Software, please make a right click and select “Translate to (your language)”.

Log in with, password=

Note that the full manual is here:

Step 2: Explanation of Main Page and Loading an Svg File for Vector Cutting

1 Editing Tools:

Icons such as importing,, copy, delete, undo, and others are all here.

2 Canvas:

Imported data appears here and you can move/scale/rotate with drop & drag.

*Left upper part in the canvas area is the origin. Origin of the machine is where the laser head returns.

3 Settings for Processing Parameters::

Sets processing parameters (laser output:0~100%, speed of laser head:0~8,000 mm/min) for each imported data, and for each color for SVG data.

*To repeat same motion for cutting purpose, click on [Add JOB] and set parameters.

4 Settings for Projects:

Select the machine you are using and set maximum processing area for x-axis and y-axis direction.

5 Settings for Objects:

Enter values for size and angle to adjust the imported data.

*You can also make adjustments directly on the canvas with drag&drop.

6 Motion Control:

In addition to start, pause, and stop, check processing area before process starts.

*Import the data and click on [Check Boundary] to see the laser head moves along the boundary.

7 Display/Change Project Name:

Show the name of project currently open. Click on the name to change the name.

8 Status Bar:

– Connection status (left): Shows connection status as “Connected” or “Not Connected”. If driver is not installed, it will show “No Driver”.

– Safety system status (right): Shows status of Foot switch of FABOOL Laser Mini, or of door switch if you are using protection cover.

9 Links:Links for the following

– Menu:List of project and Logout

– Notification: Notifies errors

– Help: Trouble shooting and links for contact

Click on the import button in the "Editing Tools" section (section 1 in the photo), and select an SVG file to upload. The file should have anything that you want cut in it with a colored stroke (not "stroke=none"). If you want to set different cut parameters for different colors you can, but we're not getting into it here.

Step 3: Place and Align Stock to Be Cut

  1. make sure laser cutter feet are lined up to marks on table surface
  2. place stock to be cut with top left corner at "home" mark (you can physically move laser head to do this).
  3. align stock so that it is against top border all the way. Only stock within the tape borders will be able to be cut.

Step 4: Adjusting the Height of Laser Head

loosen the thumbscrew on the laser, and adjust so that head is approximately 3 mm off the surface you'll be cutting (3 pennies or 1 penny + 1 nickel)

Step 5: Setting Processing Parameters and Start Processing

Set the laser output and head speed for each data in the parameter setting, (Only for SVG it is possible to set different parameters for different colors. For DXF and other image data, you cannot set specific parameters for each color.

colored cardstock - speed 400, power 100%

colored paper - speed 800, power 100%

Click on the Home button to send the laser head to the origin.

Click on start button to start cutting or engraving.

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