Cute 3D Printed Robot Kit




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In this instructable, you will be learning how to create a really cute little robot from 3d printed parts!

Step 1: 3D File and Printing

You can download my Cute Robot kit by visiting this link:
Cute Robot - 3D Print KIT

Bring this STL model into your favorite 3d slicing software, for best results print at .2 or .1mm. The nice thing is, all the Robots parts will print in one run!

Step 2: Assemble the Robot

After the print finishes, carefully pop the pieces off the bed of your printer. Make sure your printer is off, and the components are cool so you don't burn yourself!

Using hot glue, start assembling the robot. Just slide the different pieces into the main body part (yellow), and use some hot glue to secure them into place.

Step 3: ENJOY!

Wow, that was fun. The hardest part of this project is being patient while the 3d print finishes!

Easy to print, fun to assemble, and easy to customize.

Nerfenstein on thingiverse created a really cool one(pictured above), what custom design can you make of this cute little guy?



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    1 year ago

    do you think there is a way to print the pieces so that you can build it and take it apart over and over?