Cute and Fresh Look for Teens




Introduction: Cute and Fresh Look for Teens

About: Feel free to comment and request makeup ideas or hairdos !! :)

A cute look for a casual day,school or really anything :) remember A SMILE IS THE BEST ACCESSORY !!! Comment and tell me how this tutorial was for you ! Have a great day !!

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Step 1: You Will Need :

A color palette that has neutral colors in it ( i used the maybelline chic naturals 35T almond satin ) A palette with gold ( i used covergirl 700 ) Blush ( i used a covergirl ) Eyebrow pencil w/ brush ( i used rimmel 002 hazel) Concealer/ primer ( i used E.L.F medium glow ) Mascara ( i used covergirl lash blast length in brown ) A cute and light lipstick or gloss ( i used covergirl naturals 230 coral ) A small brush Crease brush Eyeshadow brush Foundation brush And blush brush

Step 2: Conceal / Prime

Start off with a clean face ( like me ) or with makeup either on works :) Now we are going to dab the concealer on the eyelid and bottom of the eye. Take your finger or the foundation brush and blend. This will brighten up your eyes and also be used as a primer!

Step 3: Fill in Eyebrows

Take the eyebrow pencil and lightly fill them in then after brush them !

Step 4: Lets Highlight!

Take a light creamy color use the eyeshadow brush and apply on the eyelid, brow bone and tear duct.

Step 5: Crease

Take a crease brush and apply a beige color to the crease

Step 6: Outer Corner of the Eye

Take your crease brush and use a light brown and take to your outer corners and a bit into the crease.

Step 7: Golden Pop!

Use the small bush and apply a little under the lower lash line

Step 8: Curl the Lashes!!

Step 9: Mascara

Step 10: Flirty Cheeks !

Use you blush brush and apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks :)

Step 11: Kissable Lips

Step 12: Tips!

To make your eyes look more fresh use a peach colored eye liner and apply on lower lash line. Use bronzer for a glow! You can also line your eyes with brown eyeliner.

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    6 years ago

    Its simple and thanks much :) hav a great day


    6 years ago

    Cool I need to try this! Btw ur eyelashes are pretty