Cute Bow Ring / Hook Toper Veryy Easyyyyy

Step 1: Plssssssss..... Follow and Favorite

Let me knowif you want me to make more loom tutorial, pls favorite and followw. That's free you knowww ;) and also comment down below want you want me to do tnxxx!^_^

Step 2: Materials

Rainbow loom, bands, hook

Step 3: Placing

First get two bands and put it into any two drop another color of band to the middle peg. Now hook it to it self. Now grab the bottom band and release it. Take the remaining band and pull it to make a knot. Then take it out.

Step 4: ..

This is what it looks like. Stop here if you want to make this as a ring.

Step 5: Placing It As a Topper

Put it into you hook. Get over the base removal then put it below the hook



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