Cute Bunny Plushie

Introduction: Cute Bunny Plushie

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This adorable bunny plushie is simple and cute! Make it as a toy, decoration, or even an add-on for an Easter basket.

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Step 1: Cut Out Your Pattern

Sketch out your pattern - size doesn't matter (it can be as big or as small as you want)

BTW I drew on the face to the main body, but you don't have to cut that out. I drew it because I always do that.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pattern

Now, grab those scissors and start cutting!

Like I said, if you are copying this down to the extreme detail, DON'T CUT OUT THE FACE AND DETAILS I DREW ON THE BODY!

Step 3: Cut Out Your Pattern Onto the Fabric

Now pin down the pattern onto your fabric (I highly recommend felt - I use it all the time) and cut it out. The body is white, inside-of-ears is pink, and nose is black. Cut out two of the body and inside-of-ears.

Step 4: Begin the Details

Now, take one of the body cut-outs and embroider black eyes on it. Most would recommend doing a triple-french knot (if you know how to do it, do it.) but I have no idea how. So I make a really big knot and sew it in. Sorry if I'm not that helpful.

Step 5: Finish the Details

Now, you can either sew or glue the nose and inside-of-ears on the body. I didn't have any fabric glue or a glue gun on me so I sewed it on.

Step 6: Begin Sewing

Now, do an overlapping stitch and sew the two body cut-outs together. As you sew around the ears, stuff them, because it's hard to stuff them later.

Step 7: Stuff the Body and Finish

Now, stuff the body and finish off the sewing.

Step 8: YAY! Your Done!


If you make one, take a pic and let me know!

This is one of my mom's bears, NOT created by me or my mom. Store bought.

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    8 Discussions


    10 years ago on Introduction

    This is soooo cute!
    I think I have some material, so I might just make one later!
    If I do, I'll send you a photo! ^^


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Of course you can always buy your own - felt costs like 25 cents a sheet. And THANK YOU!