Cute Cat With a Disability




This is a striped cat made out from old socks. Mine was my daughter's old summer socks.I made this in an hour or so.


Step 1: What You Need?

For this project you will need:

1. a pair of socks,

2. scissors,

3.needle and thread,

4. filling material,


Step 2: Let's Start

Turn one of the sock out and draw the legs with a pencil like the picture. Make sure the line is drawn equal. I will draw a wider line next time. Ypu'll see what I mean in the following steps.Left part is going to be the front paws. Cut this part as even and long as possible.

Step 3:

Cut the sock from the lines to form the legs.Then sew from the edges.

Step 4:

Take the other sock. Turn inside out. Draw the head with a pencil as seen in the picture.Cut carefully. Then start to sew the head. I sew ears and left open the head part. Then filled with filling . Make sure the the ears are even.

Step 5:

Fill the head and body with stuffing. I left open one leg and filled the body from there. The hardest part was to fill the body evenly.Then I sew the open parts.As seen in the picture one of the back leg is shorter then the other one.

Step 6:

Cut a small rectangle from the rest of remaining part and sew the tail. Turn inside our and fill it with a filling material.Then sew it.I tried couple of stitches to make sure it to be strong.

Then sew the buttons for eyes and nose. Then I made the whiskers with thread.

Step 7:

It was not my intension to sew a disabled cat at the beginning .Then I realised that toys are not just for fun but learning and having lessons as well. So I decided to leave it as is. I explained my little one that this cute cat can not walk properly and we need to be polite and carefull for him.



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    2 years ago

    I think this is cute!! Cats are my favorite animals ever.... I'll go home and raid my husbands sock drawer now! HA!

    1 reply