Cute Chevron Nails




So me my sister and mom went to Walmart to buy nail polish and I said I am going to make chevron nails and post it on instructables and I did.

Step 1: Supplies

Ok so you will need...
•a towel you don't mind getting dirty
•I chose pure ice spring blue but you can choose any color you want ta
•I have some salon perfect nail designer thing
•I am using a baby wipe but you can get some nail polish remover
•I have some chevron nail stickers because I can't make them good
• and you can use separators

Step 2: Paint Em Good

So next you will need to paint your nails the bottom color first
Oh and make sure you put on your separator

Step 3: Dry

Always make sure you let them dry for 30min before doing the patterns for it

Step 4: Chevron

Ok so I am going to use my gold and black for the stripes
Then place the chevron stickers until you can't fit any more
After that paint it

Step 5: Almost Done

Okay so after you get finished with your first nail chevron then you will take any glitter color and like lightly brush over it

Step 6: Done

Please like this and comment what yours turned out because I would love to see



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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago

    I got them at walmart with dotting tools and brushes for a couple bucks


    4 years ago

    Cute design!! Where did u get they nail strips?


    4 years ago

    Very good. I think I will paint my toe nails like this.