Cute Clown


Introduction: Cute Clown

Here's a cute short DIY.

Step 1: Draw the Face

When you draw your face make sure you customize it.Like, draw the eyes the way you like to draw eyes. Draw eyelashes if you want. Just make it how you like.

Step 2: Add Your Nose

When you add the nose you don't have to make it red. I didn't have a red pom-pom for the nose so I just used a red-purple pom-pom. Anyway, when you have your color nose picked out you can glue it in the middle of the face.

Step 3: Last Place the Flower on the Clown

Lastly,you place the flower on the clown. You can find these flowers at the dollar store. If you want you could use a real flower but then you would have to glue it on instead of using the stickers. The reason why we are adding a flower is because I thought it would be a nice touch. Once I got water sprayed at me out of a clowns flower.



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    This looks like it would be a fun easy craft project to do with my toddler. Thanks for the idea.