Cute Dog Plush ♥




This cute little guy is needing more friends! :3 You can make your own now!

My grammar might be little (or pretty much) bad, I'm sorry :c

Step 1: Make Pattern

So, I don't have online pattern for you, but you can try to make my one again, or you can make it however you like!

Step 2: Cut Pieces Out and Pin Them Together!

Nothing more to say, just do it! c:

You need 2x body pieces and 1x that piece what goes between bodypieces

Step 3: Sew Them Together

You can do it by hand, with the sewing machine, or whatever. It's all about you!

Sew pieces like shown in picture.

You can sew those ears now, or later like I did :3

REMEMBER TO LEAVE WAY TO STUFF THE DOG, I left it into the bottom.

Step 4: Add Nose (and Ears)

So you can do the nose like I did, runners stitch (idk, is that the real name) or you can be creative! You can sew the nose with the same yarn.

I did ears just from one piece, you can do them with two pieces or some way else. Then just sew them into the head.

Step 5: Stuff the Dog

I used normal pillow stuffing, you could use something like old fabric pieces or whatever.

Step 6: Sew the Bottom Of

Just shut the bottom now.

Step 7: Attach Decorations

I put eyes, and collar.

I attached them with hot glue. You could sew them, or use just regular glue.

After that, you are ready! :)



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