Cute & Easy DIY Jars

How to make cute and easy jars...

This instructable will teach you how to make cute jars that will help you organize writing utensils and more. They will look authentic and will make a nice addition to anyone's room.

In order to create these visually appealing jars, we will use empty Nutella and peanut butter glasses, and paint them from the inside.

Look at the other steps to find out more through pictures and instructions, or watch the video for verbal guidance and video material of the creation of this DIY.

I hope you enjoy!

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Step 1: Gather Materials

The materials for this decoration are easy to find - you might as well have them at home, right now.

1. Empty jars (this instructable will use Nutella and peanut butter jars, but you can also try using other jars)

2. Dark and light brown paint and (if necessary) black, yellow and white paint for mixing

3. Paintbrushes in varying sizes

4. Newspaper

Step 2: Cleaning the Jars

  • If you haven't already, you will need to clean out the jars
    • TIP: Do not use the dishwasher, as this will peel off the etiquette, and the effect of the jar will be lost
    • I recommend cleaning the jars with hot water and dish soap
  • Make sure that the jar(s) are completely cleaned out before proceeding

Step 3: Perfect Paint Colours for Jars

The perfect Nutella colour is usually a very dark brown, which can be mixed easily or purchased as it is. The perfect peanut butter shade is usually a very light brown, with a small touch of yellow.

TIP: View pictures for the perfect shades of brown.

Step 4: Paint the Jars

The most important part of your cute and decorative Nutella and peanut butter jars is to paint them. Be sure to cover your workspace with newspaper to prevent from making a mess.

  • Paint the jars with the prepared colours. Be sure only to paint the inside of the jars, not the outside!
  • TIP: paint the inside densely, so that one can no longer look through the glass.
  • Let the jars dry 2-4 hours, depending on the thickness of the paint you applied.

Step 5: Done!

Now that you have finished painting the jar(s) you are nearly finished - all that is missing is something you can put inside. Here are some suggestions

  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Rulers
  • Paintbrushes

And more!

Step 6: Pictures

Here are some example pictures of how your finished, decorative Nutella and peanut butter jars can look like.Of course, you can also try this DIY with any other type of jar.

Thank you for taking your time to read this instructable, and I hope that if you wish to try it, you will be satisfied with the results. Bye!

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This is such a cute idea! Thank you for making this for me <3 I will definitely try this out some day! The video is amazing!