Cute Knitted Bunny From a Square Plus Ears


Introduction: Cute Knitted Bunny From a Square Plus Ears

This is a slide show with steps that kept multiplying like bunnies! Start with some Lion Brand Organic Cotton and knit a square to your favorite size. Do a bit of folding, stitching and stuffing...add some ears and a pompom tail and you have a bunny!



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    I'm thinking of an idea. Maybe instead of a bunny it could be a cat. But it will be a really fat cat.

    This is great. It looks pretty simple. I'm a little confused though on how to get from the first step to the second. Can you post another photo, or some extra instructions? When you stitch the arc for head, are you sewing that? How do you shape the legs before you sew them together? (Maybe the answer to these would be obvious if I tried doing it, but I'm tired of trying to follow instructions only to get stuck in the middle, so I'd like to make sure I get it before I start!) thanks!

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    They are simple and I hope I can help! First, outline the arc for the head with a running stitch. Then, when you pull the end of your thread together, the head will form...just like pulling the drawstring in a hoodie. You should see a triangle of fabric on each side of the head. These become the front legs when you sew the edges together. The back legs are made of the same triangles of fabric. They are much bigger because there is no head on that end! If you will mark you knitted square with the pins as I did in the slideshow, you'll see the triangles and where to join. Try it with a square scrap of fabric and it will come to you! Good Luck! (I would add another slide but I don't have a bunny in progress at the moment)

    Thanks so much...I've had requests for one in every color for Easter. I'm glad they are so easy to make!