Cute Little Bow

Introduction: Cute Little Bow

hi!woked up with a frezzy hair?well now don't worry cause i have a perfect diy solution for you.......... the cute diy bow

so lets get started and so you cant have a problem waking up in the morning to go to school and you can make this while riding in youre car!wow!how awesome is that lets get started

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Step 1: Materials Needed

hot glue gun/sticky glue/fabric glue
10 by 6 inch fabric
1 by 5 inch fabric
plain hair clip

Step 2: Making the Bow

take your larger fabric and fold the upper part down.
apply some glue in the edge and fold the buttom part like so..
when the glue is completely dry..proceed by folding the right part forward the center
again apply some glue in the edge and fold the left part in as well

Step 3: Attaching the Small Fabric in Place

while waiting for the glue to dry(the bigger fabric)
take your small piece of fabric and fold it on both sides and glue the edges together to get a neat strip like this

back to the bigger piece of fabric which is completely dry by now
pinch it in the middle to zigzag form

once you got the shape
you can apply glue on the creases

now we have to rap the little strip around the center of the bow and glue it in the back and trim away extra frabic

Step 4: Applying the Hair Clip

now attach the hair clip on it
just slide it to the openning and that it
we are done

i hope you enjoyed it and thank you
may God bless you all!

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