Cute Pink Lace Nail Art



Hey y'all ;). Here is on of my absolute favorite nail designs because its so fun and bright, but also a little girly. I wanted to try something different and paint my nails pink, which I hardly ever do (I use pink for my toes:). I hope you enjoy this tutorial and be sure to show me if you try. You can tweet it to me (twitter in bio) or show me in the comments. Enjoy!!!!! :)

Step 1: What You Need

Here is the supplies list for this tutorial: 1.) a base coat/top coat. Mine is by Revlon. 2.) a base nail polish. Mine is Back To The Fuchsia by Sally Hansen. 2.) a white nail polish with a designing pen. Mine is from the brand Migi and can be purchased at 3.) a pencil. I used one with a dull tip, but I prefer sharper tips as they make smaller, neater dots.

Step 2:

First I just painted my nails with the base coat I chose.

Step 3:

Then I painted all 10 nails with the base color I chose. It's a very pretty pink with an iridescent kind of shimmer.

Step 4:

Once the base color has dried, I used my nail pen to create small dots on my ring finger. Make sure they are fairly close together, but far enough apart. I recommend only having a maximum of 7 dots.

Step 5:

Once you have completed that step, color in the top part if the nail above the dots. Try to cover as much as you can. Any part that isn't covered can be with the nail pen.

Step 6:

While that dries I used my topcoat and did the other four fingers.

Step 7:

After it is totally dry, I took the pencil and opened up my pink polish and just dipped the tip of the pencil onto the polish. The second picture demonstrates this. Then I slowly put a dot above every white scallop. The reason I say to make only a max. of 7 dots is because it makes this step easier.

Step 8:

Apply topcoat and your done!! Thanks for viewing!



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