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I've been trying to make a plushie bird for the last 3 days! but they don't turn out so good. And finally, in my third attempt I made one cute and fluffy plushie bird. This instructable will show how to make this cute plushie bird in few easy steps. It's really easy to make, and great for Holiday gift.

Gather all the materials and start making one!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this plushie bird you'll need:

1) Cotton Fabric- (orange- for the beak, white or cream- for the bottom, patterned- for the rest),
2) Needle and thread,
3) Template- for the bird,
4) Paper, pencil or pen,
5) Glue (white glue or hot glue),
6) Scissor,
7) Small black beads- for the eyes.

Step 2: Template, Tracing and Cutting

I googled for cute plushie bird patterns and mixed 3 patterns for my plushie bird, I wanted the bird to be- small, fluffy and cute!

I've attached a picture of the template I drew, it isn't so hard, you can draw the template easily. I could have drew a simpler version of the template but I didn't want to cause any confusion for the beginner crafters. I've also added numbers of each pieces you'll need to cut.

Just to be clear- the bottom part of the body should be 1.5-2 cm longer than the top body part.

The template includes:
  • Tail: 2 pieces (1 plain fabric, 1 patterned fabric),
  • Wings: 4 pieces (2 plain fabrics, 2 patterned fabrics),
  • Body parts: sides- 2 pieces (both patterned fabrics), top-1 piece (patterned fabric), bottom- 1 piece (plain fabric).
  • Beak: 1 small round piece (orange fabric).
Cut the pieces out of the template and place them on the required fabric, trace around the edges and cut out fabric pieces.
Don't forget to iron the fabric to flatten it.

Step 3: Sewing the Body

In the first picture of this step, you can see that I've colored the sides of each body parts. You have to sew the similar colored sides together.
There are 2 unmarked sides on the bottom part and top part, don't sew these sides, as you'll have to keep an open area for turning the right side out after stitching all the body parts together.

*Sew the sides by keeping the fabrics' wrong sides out and after you're done sewing the colored (marked) area turn the right side out.

Step 4: Stuffing

Now, start stuffing the body through the open end,
I used wool for stuffing and a pencil to push the wool in,
Use a small amount of wool at a time,
Don't push too hard, otherwise you might ruin the stitches and the body shape.
Use enough wool to make the bird look fluffy! but not too much, or else it'll ruin the shape.

Step 5: Wings and Tail

For wings and tail, place the patterned fabric (facing inside) and plain fabric together and sew around the edges but don't forget to keep a small area open so that you can turn the right side out.
After turning the right side out, stuff the wings and tail with a very small amount of wool, just to give them a fluffy look.

Now, attach the tail and wings with the stuffed body using needle and thread (see picture).

Step 6: Beak and Eyes

Cut a small round shaped piece out of orange fabric for the beak. Fold the round piece to form a cone shape and sew it, so that the folds don't come off.
Now, stick the cone (beak) using hot glue where the 4 body parts are joint together in the front.

Simply attach 2 small black beads using needle and thread for the eyes.




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Question 8 months ago

Is it possible to make the patterns more symmetrical so the bird is even better?


1 year ago

These are adorable! I made one, I really love it, but it's not as good as yours. Great job on these! :D

Little Miss Cutie

2 years ago

I am defiantly gonna make this for my Toy maker Badge. (I'm in Brownies.)


3 years ago on Introduction

I love this bird!! I'm totally into making stuffed animals and this is perfect!

that is adorable. I will attempt to make it asap (which is pretty much right now)


4 years ago on Introduction

Can you provide the proportions of the pieces to each other?

Thanks! I love the design and am looking forward to making it!


5 years ago on Introduction

This is very cute.Well done and explained.But I am wondering how this comes under sew warm?Is it because of the wool?Any idea?

1 reply
Muhaiminah Faizxpat73

Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Thanks so much! yes, it's probably because of the wool, I've seen stuffed toys and plushies in sew warm contest so just randomly entered mine :)

I've attached the template I used in step-2, but it's not printable. you can always search online for printable templates or draw one yourself.