Cute Polymer Clay Triceratops

Introduction: Cute Polymer Clay Triceratops

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This is just a simple video tutorial I made to show to how sculpt a cute polymer clay triceratops. In this Tutorial you will see a few methods for using polymer clay as well as get a catchy tune stuck in your head :P

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Some things you will need if you want to replicate this are:

Polymer Clay- I recommend sculpey of any kind as well as FIMO

Aluminum foil

Isopropyl alcohol- this is used to smooth the polymer clay

Sculpting tools- the ones you will see in this tutorial are silicone/rubber tipped and metal ones as well

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Step 1: Simple Steps

1. Use tin foil to reinforce the clay and save on clay usage

2. Make a sphere of the clay with the tin foil ball inside

3. Make all the parts of the dinosaur (head, tail, legs)

4. Put them all together and smooth the clay with tools, more clay, and alcohol

That's all there is to it :)

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