Cute Recycled Octopus


This fun filled craft is great for display and little hands, decorating, painting and cutting is the main 3 simple steps of making this wonderful craft!
Please enjoy!

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Step 1: What You Will Need...

For thist craft you will need...

Decorating things, eg. Gems, beads, buttons, and glitter (optional)
Google eyes
Toilet roll
Orange paint
Felt tip marker

Step 2: Paint It Up!

Using your orange paint and paint brush coat the whole of the toilet roll in paint.

Step 3: Tentacles

When the paint is dry get tour felt tip marker and mark out how long and wide the tentacles are going to be. Then cut them out!
Lift all the flaps up so they are all up to the point that you finished cutting them.
Your octopus is looking great!

Step 4: Googled Eyes

Using the glue, put two big blotches of glue near the top of the octopus and stick the eyes on.
Next with the felt tip marker draw a big happy smiley face under the eyes.

Step 5: Decorate!!

With the beads ect. Decorate the octopus all over!

Looks great!

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