Cute Sock Monster

Cute, fun, easy!

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Step 1: Supplies

1 pair of long, colorful socks
2 mismatch buttons
A small amount of white fleece for teeth(optional)
A spool of black thread
Sewing needle
Sewing skills

Step 2: Sew

Take one sock and flatten it so that the heel points upward like so. Cut ears or otherwise in toe of the sock. poke needle in the inside toe and go out and over to get this cool look. Stuff sock up to heel then round the other end and finish stuffing. Sew up the end as shown before and add the button eyes. Sew a mouth on heel and add the tooth (optional) Take other sock and cut toe off heel as shown. Cut in half and sew them up, then stuff them and attach to monster. Sew a line through the bottom like shown to make the legs! Done! Enjoy your fuzzy new friend! Sorry, someone brought to my attention that I didn't explain HOW to sew them up, apologies that I realized this after, and wasn't able to provide pictures of it.

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