Cute Summer Dress





Introduction: Cute Summer Dress

I didn't know that this dress would turn out so well, so I didn't document the steps... oops!
The good news is that it is SOOO  EASY!

The dress is simple:  a simple darted band across the top and an A-line skirt.  I added a flutter sleeve to the 1" wide shoulder strap.  I then embellished with brown ribbon along the top, over the shoulders and at the bottom hem (don't overdo it!).  For some real girly fun, I added some flowers cut from leftovers with zig-zag scissors and sewed it to some scrap brown linen.  Then I arranged it "corsage-style". 

The dress wears great - made of lightweight cotton.  Perfect for Summer!



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    I love the way you used the flowers from the pattern to make the corsage- it really stands out and looks great!