DIY Cute Yarn Butterflies

Introduction: DIY Cute Yarn Butterflies

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A friend told me about these cute yarn butterflies but she couldn't show me how to make them as we didn't have yarn or fork with us at that moment. When she was telling me about the technique I pictured a cute, tiny butterfly and had to give it a try as soon as I got home. I was surprised to see how cute the butterflies turned out.

They're really easy to make, requires beginner craft skills and few materials. They can be great for scarp-booking, mixed media art and much more! Make some right away :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make yarn butterfly you'll need:

  1. Yarn (use bright colors),
  2. 4 prong Fork,
  3. Scissor.

Step 2: Getting Started

Take a yarn for the body part (as well as antenna),

Hold an end of the yarn without cutting it from the bundle,

Insert the yarn in the middle of the fork as shown in the picture,

Place the yarn carefully making sure it doesn't come out of the fork as we'll work with it later.

Step 3: Weaving

Now we'll make the part for the wings. Pick a different color for the wings.

Hold the yarn from an end and take it through a prong from any one side,

Now weave the yarn over-under around the prongs,

Keep doing the same until you weave 4-6 rounds.

If you're using thick yarn weave 4-5 rounds but for thin yarns weave 5-6 rounds.

After weaving enough rounds carefully push the yarns downwards.

Step 4: Tying Center Knot

Now take the center yarn (for the body and antenna) and tie 2 knots using both ends of the yarn.

Carefully push the woven yarn out of the fork.

Step 5: Trimming

Trim the center yarn to make the antenna.

Also trim the yarn used for the wings. There, done! wasn't that super easy? It's a fun craft and I'm sure you'll enjoy making some :)



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    This is too cute! I'm thinking of putting them on hair pins to make super cute hair accessories!

    15, 8:46 PM.jpg

    So very cute! I can't believe they are so simple to make! They would be perfect as appliques on crochet creations :)

    1 reply