Cute Yarn Flowers!

Introduction: Cute Yarn Flowers!

These easy-to-make yarn flowers will look adorable in your room, on a pillow, or even on a jean jacket!

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Step 1: You Will Need

You will need;
~two colors of yarn
~yarn needle
~yard stick
~packing tape (optional

Take the main yarn color and cut three  36" peices
Tie them all together at one end

Step 2: Braiding

Now start loosly braiding and keep braiding untill it's 15" long(there is going to be alot of extras, but I just used them to make a braided bracelet)

I'm guessing all of you peeps know how to braid but just in case you don't,
here's a picture to help.

Now cut the extras off and tie a tight knot at the end.

Step 3: Theading the Needle

Now, cut about 20" of the contrasting yarn and thread it through the yarn needle.  

Step 4: Forming the Flower

Take the needle and stick it through a strand of yarn near the knot.

Stick it through another strand 4"from the knot.

keep  sticking it through stargnds 4" apart
(it should be through 5 strands).

Pull the braided yarn together to the knot. 

Step 5: The Tricky Part

Re-thread the needle with the white yarn.

Stick the needle inside the nearest petals to the right , and under the white yarn.

Repeat inside all the other petals.

After you have finnished going through all the petals, turn it upside down and tie a square. knot with the two ends of the white yarn

Step 6: Finishing

Turn it right-side -over and straten out the petals.

VIOLA! you have an adorable yarn flower!

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