Cute and Easy Sock Dolls

Introduction: Cute and Easy Sock Dolls

In the holidays I was bored and decided to make a sock doll, it's super easy and you don't have to sew, cut or glue.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

It's really cheap and you will only need:
-1 sock
-some hair elastics or small rubber bands (I used loom bands)
And optional:

Step 2: Feet

1) Start with the opening of the sock facing up
2) use your fingers to roll the toe up inside itself
3) pinch the corner of the sock and tie an elastic around it (I like to put stuffing in there but you don't have to)
4) repeat on the other side and you have 2 feet

Step 3: Adding the Body

1) now put some stuffing right at the bottom of the sock
2) just above where the stuffing ends, pinch the sock like you did for the feet
3) these are your hands
4) now section off the body just above the hands with an elastic
5) you can also add a tail by pinching just like the hands and feet and securing with an elastic

Step 4: The Head

1) stuff some stuffing into the sock (I like to put more in than I did for the body because I think it makes it a bit cuter)
2) I am doing a pig so I will put a button in the sock and secure it with an elastic to give it a nose
3)you can give it ears by pinching and securing with an elastic
4) you can secure the head off with elastic but I made a some hair
5) you can add eyes with a marker or buttons

Now you've got your own doll, you can dress it up or add more decorations and the best part is that you can take it apart or change anytime. Enjoy.

Step 5: Extras

I have already shown you the button
You can also add
1) the horn on the unicorn which I stuffed and hand-stitched on
2)a mane and tail on to a horse or unicorn by having the top of the sock left over then section it off and cut it up and cutting up bits of other socks and gluing/sewing it on
3) to add a tail of ribbon, before you add hands, pinch over the top of the ribbon where you want the tail to be then secure with an elastic or glue/stitch on

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