Cute and Funny Girls Felt Earrings DIY

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I have made this cute girl's earring using felt which is my

favorite. I will show you how I made these earrings in this tutorial. What you need for this tutorial I have listed below.


1) Felt Fabric Sheet

2) Googly Eyes

3) Pom Poms

4) Earring Hooks

5) Jump Rings

6) Screw Eye Pin Bail

7) Hot glue

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Step 1: How to Make the Earrings:

First I made the patterns which is 2 circles one is small which

I used for face and the big circle is for the dress and I have made different hairstyle patterns. Using those patterns I cut all the felts. Then I attached 2 face circle felt together. And the hair is also in 2 parts front and back. So on the back part of the hair felt I attached the screw eye pin bail using glue and then I attached the face and then I attached the front hair part. On the face, I attached the googly eyes and made a mouth using felt. Then the big circle I folded it both side and made the dress as you can see in the video and attached it to the head part. And I used 2 pompoms for the shoe and made tiny hands using felt. And the using jump ring I attached the earring hook to the bail pin. And my earring is ready.

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