Cute Dried Grass Circular Bird Swing

Introduction: Cute Dried Grass Circular Bird Swing

So you see some grass in your backyard that hasn't been watered for ages and is as tall as you are, what do you do? You start wrapping some around a ring to make an awesome little bird swing for your budgie ,finches or just for decoration with a fake bird. Since my alexandrian would have stripped it to nothing in five minutes flat, i had to use a fake bird.Anyway the supplies are simple ,they include :
  • A circular ring( I used a metal hoop from an art store, but you can use a plastic lid's brim or a wooden circle)
  • Non-toxic glue
  • A paint brush
  • Dried grass ( use broad thin blades that are flexible)
  • Decoration - fake flowers or dried leaves, dried grass buds ect.
  • Ribbon or string
  • Damp towel to wipe sticky fingers on.
If your using this as a perch try to use as little glue as possible , but usually finches or budgies dont bother stuff like that, if your bird is a bit nibbley use twine tou wrap the swing instead and tie  the ends with string.Dont use any decoration just leave it plain . If you want soak your twine or grass in water colored with food coloring over night, then dry before using.

Step 1: Brushing the Glue

Use a flat brush to give a thick coat of glue to only one part of the hoop. Doing the whole thing is useless because it'll just dry by the time you get there. If you want you can tie your string on the glued part if your using the swing for real birds.Take three of four strand of grass and twist them a bit and treat like one strand. Wrap them under the loop and add a thick coat of glue and continue wrapping till you reach the end of your strand.

Step 2: Connecting the Starnds

After you reach the end just glue over the end and add a new strand, wrap once or twice over the joint and continue till it ends and repeat. You should reach the end pretty soon , since this is the fun part.

Step 3: Cleaning Off Stray Ends

Ok now your ring must have lots of little strands sticking out, to take care of this just wrap really thin blades of brown string if you want around the stray parts and glue to hold. If it still looks funky, don't sweat , it'll get mixed in the decorations or your little birdy friends will rip it off. Still , you can cuts it off with scissors to make it neat.

Step 4: Finish It Up

Now if you're using it for your real birds, just tie some twine if you didn't in the do it in the first step. If it's for your fake bird wrap some thin ribbon around the loop especially around the messy parts and glue . Add some fabric flowers and some dried or fake leaves. To use the grains like I did, just wrap them with grass or string and glue. That's it have fun with different types of decorations and leave a comment or a pic. Thanks

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