Cute Little Desklamp Made From Scrap Fullmetal, Steampunk

Introduction: Cute Little Desklamp Made From Scrap Fullmetal, Steampunk

About: I´m an Professional Coach- and Boatbuilder, i work most of the time on restoring Classic cars and boats. I´m also a kind of metal artist or metaldesigner, mostly lamps and funiture and also robots. and do al...

Hi there,

So here´s another little fullmetal lamp i´ve made from scrap.

-The stand is an old heater valve handle
- the tube is an leftover piece of copper tube from an cargas system wich i bend in this position, it´s brazed to the stand an an old wheelnut of an vintage mini cooper wich is is brazed to an round steelplate (as you can see in the pic´s)

-the lampshade is an old carburetor intake part of an vintage racemotorbike, i´ve only clened it up and polished over a bit.
-the outer plate 8wich is brazed to the wheelnut) is screwed to an inner plate wich together clamp the lampshade in it´s position.

-i´ve srewed an little lampsocket in the middle and cable it on.
-i used an cableswitch and an 12v 800mAh Phonecharger for powersupply

- the Lamp is an 12V 60 LED type wich fits verygood in the lampshade  and will not get this much heat.

Hope you like

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    You definitely have an eye for lines, I wasn't at all surprised to read that you're a boat builder by trade. Great design! Fav + Vote!

    Hälsningar från Amsterdam ;)