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Step 1: Prepare a NO.72 Red Cord, Fold It in Half and Start Braiding Bracelet With Snake Knot.

Step 2: Thread a Black Agate When It Reach Your Desired Length.

Step 3: Take the Other Brown Cord Under the Red Cord. and Start Braiding Bracelet With Flat Knot.

Step 4: Thread 4 Beads When You Finished Braiding. Thread the Black Beads on the Black Cord As Feet and the Green Jadeite Beads Are Threaded on the Red Cord As Hands.

Step 5: Tie an Overhand Knot in Case the Beads May Slipped Off.

Step 6: Burn the Ends of Cord. Done It!

Step 7:

Author's Note: You can change the color and bead of the braided mobile phone chain as you wish, so that you can create many different items. It’s very cute, isn’t it?

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