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HI fellas!.. this is my first instructable and im very excited!!!... and the best part of this instructable is that it is made from all waste products from the household and it is pretty easy.. so all of you can try this and plz let me know!
Hope you'll like this
If yes, dont forget to vote..:D

Step 1: Things You Will Need

1).Jam bottle lid or any other lid 
2).coke bottle lids
3).Small tree branch or twig
5).Waste metal wire

Step 2: Getting Started With Owl Eyes

first lets start with the eyes of the owl.Paste a button on the coke bottle lid(see image 1).Make another one.We are done with the eyes..
Pretty simple isn't it?..:)

Step 3: Preparing the Owl's Body

Paint the jam bottle lid with a colour of choice.Preferably make 2 coatings of paint.(see image 1).And stick the eyes on jam bottle lid after it dries.(see image 2).

Step 4: Making Owl's Ears and Legs

To make ears, firstly take the metal wire(of 5 cm length) and bend it to half(see image 1).Repeat this and stick them to the owl's body.(see image 2).For the legs wind the wire around a pen (around 3 rounds)(see image 3).Make two of them and wind them around the twig.(see image 4).

Step 5: N Finally!! the Owl!!

Just stick the twig to the owl's body and you are done with the cute owl!!
hope u people liked it..:)



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    Izoa Artista

    2 years ago

    Omg my mom would just eat this project up! She would probably go NUTS and make a whole tiny tree with TONS of these little guys on it


    Reply 3 years ago

    you can cut out orange or yellow paper for the beak


    5 years ago