Cute and Simple Christmas Snowman!



Introduction: Cute and Simple Christmas Snowman!

So if you're like me you don't want to spend too much money on presents and you like crafting! This tutorial is for you then ^.^

I got the idea of this snowman plushie from an image I saw online of a snowman Christmas tree ornament and decided to make it into a larger plushie! As a member at spotlight I get discounts on purchases, so I bought 20cm of fleece white material and 5 sheets of felt for $1.15. (That's some crazy discounts xD)

So for materials you'll need
- white material; slightly fluffy (I used fleece, it's soft and cheap)
-sewing equipment
-buttons, beads, etc
-googly eyes
-felt (red, black, whatever colour really :3). Optional for hats, etc
-hobby fill (polly-fill, stuffing, whatever you want to call it! Tons of this stuff ^.^!)
-And any other crafty bits you want to add.

It took me around an hour per snowman (I made four) because I made my own hats and experimented a little bit

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Step 1: Materials!

Grab everything you'll need. I have containers of assorted scrap booking items so get creative and make some clothes for your snowman!

A little tip; These work better if you keep it simple! I went a little crazy with one of mine and it turned out horrible!

Step 2: Pin, Trace and Cut Out the Material From the Template

Position the good fluffy sides of the material facing each other and pin the template onto the 'bad' side to trace and cut through both pieces. These are quite big so don't worry to leave a seam allowance. Cut as many as you like, I did 4 because I'm giving them out for Christmas :D

Step 3: Sewing the Snowman

Pin each side so that it doesn't move around while you're trying to sew. Make sure to sew with the good sides facing inwards and leave a small hole at the bottom to flip it. The material I used was so soft and slightly stretchy so I left a really small hole. Depending on your material you may need to leave a bigger gap than what I've done.

After you've sewn the body flip it the right way out! ^.^

Step 4: Stuffing!

Grab a bunch of hobbyfill and gently stuff the snowman. When it's nice and fat sew the bottom up with a hidden stitch.

Step 5: Decorating the Snowman

For this step I added a bell and ribbon from those lint bunny chocolates. You can grab some ribbon and a bell if you don't have one or use anything else to make the scarf. Then sew on some big googly eyes and a little bead for the nose.

I thought my snowman looked a little plain at this point so I decided to make a hat which is shown in the next step :)

Step 6: Making a Hat

I made both of the hats shown in the images. The first was supposed to be a top hat but it didn't work well I just added a little ribbon to it with felt and left it like a cap. The second is a santa hat and I used it on another snowman. These are super easy to make and all you need is felt (And cotton balls for the Santa hat)!

Step 7: Then You're Done! :D

Finished Images!

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