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Introduction: Cute+Easy Needle Felt Penguin

About: Hi, I'm Autumn! I'm just your average person that loves animals, reading, and of course art! I take an interest in needle felting, painting, and small crafts.I live with a few different animals. Thanks for r...

I've been into needle felting lately, and in winter spirits, decided to do this needle felted penguin! Please note that they don't have to look as evil as mine, haha. His eyes just look scary.

For those who don't know, needle felting is stabbing some wool with a needle to join the fibers together, to put it bluntly. Because of the many colors you can get the wool in, there are many possible things to make!

This is my first Instructable, don't judge too harshly.

Gather all the materials and start your penguin! I hope you like this Instructable!

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Step 1: Materials

To make this needle felted penguin, you'll need:

-Black wool - for the black parts of the body

-White wool - for the base and eyes

-Pink/Orange/Red wool - for the beak and feet

-Styrofoam - to keep the needle from stabbing the table

-Felting Needles - to do the felting, of course!

Step 2: Creating the Base

To start off your penguin, you'll have to create a base!

First, form an oval-ish shape by rolling the white wool around in your hands.

Once you got the general shape, start felting the clump of wool with your needle. I used the longer needle, but either one works. Whatever is more comfortable for you! Make the pill-shaped wool lump as big as you want your penguin to be. Mine was about an inch tall.

Step 3: Adding the Black

Penguins don't usually look like big white lumps, do they? They have some black on them.

Grab your black wool, and start felting a thin layer of it onto your pill-shaped white base. Leave the belly and bottom white.

Once you're satisfied with the blackness of your penguin, go on to the details in the next step!

Step 4: Details

On to the details! Make a small ball from your pink/orange/red wool. Next, make two more from the white wool, a bit smaller. The white ones will be the eyes, and the bigger one a beak. Felt all those into place.

Then, for the feet. Basically do the same thing as you did with the beak, but put them near the bottom of your penguin. See the next step to see the feet.

Step 5: Done!

You're done with your needle felted penguin! Have fun with it, maybe even add accessories!

I hope you liked this instructable! I'd love to see your outcome if you do this! Thanks for reading everyone!

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