Cutout Snowflakes

Introduction: Cutout Snowflakes

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Am i late to put up this instructable? No, I guess it’s never too late to celebrate.

Let’s get started, we are going to be making 6 cut out snowflakes.

You will need:
Paper, cut into squares of 6”x6”
Pair of scissors
A pencil

First of all you need to do the basic folds to, please refer the pictures.

And start drawing snowflakes and cut it out. I have shown everything in detail in the pictures.

Post pictures if you try it out.

Step 1: 1

Step 2: 2

Step 3: 3

Step 4: 4

Step 5: 5

Step 6: 6

Step 7: Done

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    4 years ago

    This was a very nice snowflake design... I made it on a huge sheet of paper because I wanted it for a halloweed costume, It worked and it looks amazing! thanks for making this design!