Cutting Board With Walnut Curves



Admittedly not the most glamorous of projects but we need a new cutting board so I decided to make one

Step 1: I Used

I bought 1x6 maple and 1x8 walnut. Big shout-out to Deleware Saw Mill where I got the wood. They are good to deal with and more than fair with prices, especially for cut-offs

Step 2: Cutting the Lumber and Glue-up

I cut 3 pieces of maple 18 1/4" long and ripped 2- 1/8" strips of walnut. Before I glued the maple together, I cut a curve in 1 piece on my bandsaw. I soaked the walnut in water for a minute or 2 then glued and clamped the planks together with 1 walnut strip. Once the glue set, I cut another curve crossing the first and glued in the secont walnut strip. After the glue set again, I used a knife to trim some of the excess strip off

Step 3: Prepare for and Finish

I used a block plane to clean up the rest of the strips then trimmed off the ends of the cutting board. After sanding to 220 grit, I use Watco butcher block finish to seal the cutting board and give it a nice shine



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