Cutting Board - I MADE IT AT TECH SHOP

Introduction: Cutting Board - I MADE IT AT TECH SHOP

Make your very own cutting board!

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Step 1: Bill of Materials

1)  Wood Glue
2)  Any Variation of 1/2" thick hardwood you like, based on the pattern you would like to create.

Step 2: Cut Wood Into 1/2" X 16" Strips

On the table saw, but strips of wood.

Step 3: Laminate Wood

In this step you will be laminating 20 of the strips together.  Arrange the strips in a pattern of your choice.  Apply wood glue on side surface, and clamp.  Read instructions on wood glue bottle to see how long the glue needs to cure.  

Step 4: Cut Board Down

On the table saw, cut the board into any shape and proportion you like.  

Step 5: Sand and Finish!

For the finishing process, sand down the wood, then with a rag, apply mineral oil.  Do not use any other finish as the mineral oil is non-toxic.   

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    3 Discussions

    Kwabena ofosu
    Kwabena ofosu

    2 years ago

    This look very nice I would like to make one but I do not have table saw


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! For those in the US at least, titebond makes a couple of FDA approved glue for these type of projects...