Cutting Board/trencher



Introduction: Cutting Board/trencher

Always busy, always making things. In the beginning especially analog circuits with LED's and ele...

for my father's birthday i thought of a special gift.

I know he bakes and enjoys his own bread, why not cut in on his own trencher/cutting board with a saying of his own.

Step 1: Materials & Tools Needed

  • Wood. I've used a well known piece of wood : scaffolding boards. They sell it complete in our hardware store in pieces of 250cm. At the store i also cut them in the desired lenghts i wanted. It eventually gave me 8 pieces
  • Soldering iron: the words are burned into the wood using a soldering iron
  • Words on paper: to get a nice result, print the desired words out on paper and burn trough the paper intonthe wood with the soldering iron
  • Handle: i did cut the boards to short, was planning on sawing a handle out by hand. But they turned out a little bit to short so i decided to use a stirdy handle instead. Held in place by 4 small woodscrews
  • Cordles drill: of course you can use the cordless drill to screw in the scerws :)
  • Linseed Oil. Used to make a finish over te wood, so no water or moisture can get into the wood.

Step 2: Print Template

No pictures needed: Print out a template with the text you want on your Trencher.

The text i used was a saying my dad always say's to us when we were young.

I also translated it to our local dialect just to make it that extra special.

Print it out on plain A$ Paper and use some masking tape or a spray glue

Step 3: Burn in Your Text

When you have the paper on your board, use the soldering iron to poke through the paper, leaving a burn mark on the wood. It takes some practice at first, and also a lot of time, but the result is beautiful!

Step 4: Attach Your Optional Handle

At this point, use a cordless drill to attach the handle on one end of the board.

Apply a layer of the lineseed oil, and you're done!

Enjoy your very own cuttingboard/trencher

You can use it to cut bread or use it in a decorative way.

If you have any tips on how to make it even better, feel free to comment!



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