PCB Making

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PCB is an important part of a module it must be

Accurate that module work well .

And making it at home is often difficult

I suggest a way that will hopefully be useful to you .

Step 1: Cutting the PCB

I've made a chassis for this Cutter device that is very easy and precise cutting work for you. Easy to use and accurate.

Step 2: Samsong Printer

samsung printer
I have changed the printer so Drawings can not be fixed on paper and toner Easily be separated from the paper .

Step 3: Design Printed on a Film

design printed on film and it is cleanable toner didnt fixed on pcb

Step 4: Putting PCB on Paper (Here Fim)

pcb on film

Step 5: Tonner Transfered

tonner on pcb

Step 6: Fixing Toner on Pcb

fixing design on pcb by heating

Step 7: Toner Fixed on Pcb

design transfered on pcb

Step 8: Put Pcb in Acid

shaker machin

Step 9: Shaker Mashin Made by Me

pcb in shaker

Step 10: And Pcb Is Made

Step 11: Toner Cleaned From Pcb

I made pcb at home by transfering design on PCB



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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    salam. aaaaaaaali bood. nahve sakht PCB Shaker ro ham bezar aziz.

    shoma inja zendegi mikoni ya kharej az keshvari?

    oon talgh transprant ro ba che esmi kharidi aziz?

    man az kaghaz ax ya hamoon glase estefade mikonam.

    kodoom behtare ?


    3 years ago on Introduction

    ابتکاراتی که به کار بردید در تولید مدار از خود فرایند جالب تر بودند
    موفق باشید


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It looks like you make things. Your toner fixing heater looks like an instructable waiting to happen.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    It is so easy to cut FR-4 (printed circuit board) if you just score it with a knife, and a straightedge.