Cutting Tetra Paks Into Srtips With Plastic Bottle Cutter (experiment)




After making my own plastic bottle cutter (about which you can read a bit in my other instructable) I was thinking what else can I cut with it. I tryed to cut aluminium cans but they destroy blade almost immediately and definitly require more robust design of a cutter, or even different principle of work, which may be a challange for the other day. Meanwhile Tetra Paks worked well.

This instuctable is a result of a little experiment. There is no complete item at the end, but still it has its inspirational value, so let's continue.

Step 1:

Cutting strips from Tetra Paks is the same as a cutting plastic bottles. The strip tends to snip (I do not use guiding bar of my cutter for this reason to reduse the tension(you can see it on photo)), especially at the corners of the pack and even more especially where the glued seem is (the blade has to cut throuhg 2 layers of material while the seam is too weak under the tension of pulled string). I guess some specific design of a cutter would deal with it better and maybe it's a thing to make in the future, but the initial reason for the experiment was to explore where you can expand existing abilities of your bottle cutter, so... yeah... Nevertheless despite all been said it is not that hard to get long enough strips from Tetra Paks for crafting purposes.

Step 2:

And here's a little test piece of what can you do with the strips. It is easy to see how it can be used for weawing baskets, boxes and such, and if you have made one or a couple, plese share the photos.

So grab your bottle cutter if you have one, buy one or make one if you don't have one, buy some juice or cheep vine and experiment. Thank you for your attention and have a happy cutting.



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    Waldemar Shaoconnellkj

    Reply 2 years ago

    Maybe. We never used any in our family so I don't know how they work.

    Waldemar ShaWaldemar Sha

    Reply 2 years ago

    I mean we have a can opener, but I'm sure this is not the thing you're talking about.