Cutting Vinyl

Introduction: Cutting Vinyl

this is vinyl cutting instructions these are the basic steps in cutting off your decal. if you have any questions please comment below. cutting vinyl can be frustrating because of the vinyl sticking so you should be as fast as you can with peeling the vinyl off.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Make sure your cutter is on and running properly and you start Graphtec Studio

Step 2: Setting Up Your Vinyl

make sure that the rollers are in the blue lines to work properly and to make sure that your cutter is cutting straight you need to to pull tight on your vinyl when feeding the vinyl through

Step 3: Getting Everything Ready to Drawl or Create

make sure you have your size set and all of your measurements are what you them to be.

Step 4: Sending Your Prints to the Cutter

make sure your cutter says ready on the its screen and click send to cutter

Step 5: Cutting Off Your Decal

hold the down arrow on the cutter and feed more vinyl through to be able to cut of your decal

Step 6: Weeding

when weeding you should be as fast as you can at pulling off the excess vinyl so it don't stick.

Step 7: Applying Tape

apply the transfer tape to your decal and make sure you squeegee really good so you dont have air bubbles and when your done cut it out and apply it to your car, wall, etc.

Step 8: Applying the Decal

remove tape and make sure its even and peel back the paper and make sure you do a way better job then i did at making it straight.

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    thank you this was my first one ive ever made