Cutting a Beer Bottle With Hot Water + DIY Scoring Jig




Introduction: Cutting a Beer Bottle With Hot Water + DIY Scoring Jig

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A year or two ago I made a video where I demonstrated cutting a wine bottle with hot water. Apparently some people found it interesting as it currently has a hair over 80,000 views. Well I got bored this weekend and with some smaller diameter beer bottles (hard cider, really) lying around, I decided to try and cut those as well. I could actually use a bunch of small containers for things like jumpers, screws, etc… and you know. Cups. I have a drinking problem. The only beverage-holding vessels I have in my apartment are two Eickhoff mugs I borrowed when I was at TCNJ. And a pair of WTSR shot glasses…


Details of the bottle-scoring jig are here:



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    I like this! Seems to be much less chance of grief than using open-flame-and-quench method.