Cutting Half Vertically a PVC Drum (fast Method).




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The instructables that i am going to share with you is all about cutting a 55 gallon pvc drum in a fast method, it is very efficient and will surely save your time and energy. There are many methods around that we can use but for me this is the fastest and cleanest way on cutting a PVC drum.

Things You Will Need:

Tape measure

Felt-tip pen

PVC Drum


Cutting disc type 41 (105 x1.2x 16 mm)


*Dust during cutting is dangerous to your health wear proper eye and respiratory protection.

*Do the cutting in a well ventilated area.

*If below 18 years old do it with adult supervision.

*Do it at your own risks.

Step 1: Marking All the Corners

  • Measure the diameter of the top and bottom part of the drum using your tape measure.
  • Mark the radius of the top and bottom part of the drum using the felt tip pen.
  • Trace a horizontal line to the diameter of the top and bottom part of the drum.

  • From the edge of the top and bottom part of the drum trace a line vertically using the felt tip pen.

Step 2: Cutting the Drum

  • Before cutting the drum we need to tie it firmly so that it will retain it's shape and not separate during cutting.
  • Sprinkle some water to lessen dust.
  • Start cutting at the bottom part of the drum.
  • The upper part of the drum may contain its thickest part so it is ideal to use larger cutting disk.



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I use on it a jig saw . Slice with a coarse tooth. The work goes quickly and safely . No dust. My barrel is made of polypropylene PP .


    4 years ago on Introduction

    What you are doing certainly works. But I wonder if an angle grinder is really the best tool for the job. I'd sooner use a circular saw with a combination carbide tooth blade in it myself. The trick to cowboying a circular saw is to wire the blade guard open. Just be careful when you go to put the saw down then though. That is, make sure the blade has completely stopped.