Cutting Sheet Metal on the Water Jet

Introduction: Cutting Sheet Metal on the Water Jet

I made it at TechShop! Find them at

Step 1: Import Dxf File

Import your dxf file into Flopath

Step 2: Move Part and Select Cut Paths

Move your part where you want it to be on the cutting bed, select lines to cut, select speed.

Step 3: Duplicate for Multiple Parts

Duplicate this for more than 1 item to be cut from a sheet.

Step 4: Auto Path It

Use auto path to create all the cutting and traverse paths

Step 5: Export

Export path as... To create the ORD file for Flocut.

Step 6: Load File Into Flocut

Load file, select material.

Step 7: Position Material

Square it up on the bed also

Step 8: Set Temporary 0,0

Align head to corner of material and set 0,0

Step 9: Dry Run

Dry run no pump or water or abrasive.

Step 10: Set to Auto and Run

Set pump, water, and abrasive to auto and run!

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    5 years ago

    I would advise to learn how to path the parts properly. I am a water jet operator and I have seen so many people crash the machine or break nozzles due to auto path. If you can, learn to manually path the parts. It will save a lot of stress.