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Introduction: CyberPunk Nerf Guns

About: I am an artist that works in many mediums of art from costumes, armor, props, painting, drawing, sculpting, modifications and digital art. My work typically involves Steam Punk, gothic, surrealism, Renaissa...

Here are some Nerf guns I was recently commissioned to make as part of a cyberpunk costume.  Both were sanded, worn, disstressed and repainted using Krylon for Plastics and acrylic paint.  The Nerf gun with blue accents was given the addition of a functional spotlight mounted onto the left side.



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    Awesome idea also if you like I have the pepakura files for building any of the Halo weapons, I've been meaning to post an instructable on making the Halo armor, so far I've done a Hayabusa suit and am currently applying the fiber glass to it.

    your maverick looks like mine! :D (2 years old)