Cybergoth Gasmask From the Dollor Store Easy

Introduction: Cybergoth Gasmask From the Dollor Store Easy

this is super easy.iv been wanting to go cybergoth for a long time,but i dont have the mony to buy any of the stuff!i love making things and said well,why dont i just make my own stuff??? this is my first instructable so tell me what you think in the comments XD

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Step 1: Step One:getting the Stufff

in order to do this,you will need a hot glue gun.i went to the dollor store and bought a car filter funnle and took an old ribbion spool for my main body to the mask.

Step 2: Les Get Started

ok now that you got the basic stuff you gotta glue a paper(if you want a design) to the bottom of your cardbord ribbion spool.i drew a pentagram XD. afterwords you will glue the wierd tube things to make the design,or whatever you would like to use,i got these from the dolor store too and i only needed two.note:BE CAREFULL!!! the hot glue goes straight throught the mesh on the tubes and IT BURNS!!! i cant count how many times i burned myself doing this i said,you dont need the tubesmyou can use whatever you want,it just adds the " cyber" in cyber goth XD

Step 3: Style It Up and Glue on the Little Ribbion Holder

i added spikes and some lace to make it look kind of victorian style cant see it,but thoes flowers ontop of my head,i glued them to the bottom to make them look like little filters. i still am probably going to add a few things,like more spikes,and some ribbion on the back to tie the mask and keep it on my head! but over all i think it turned out pretty ok,and it only took about 4$ to make because i already had the i said this is my first instructable and im sorry if i dont know how to spell. enjoy!

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    3 years ago

    Easy and looks great! Love the peircings too! o3o

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Interesting costume prop. If you painted it brass colored, it could also work for a steampunk costume.

    macasa 360
    macasa 360

    Reply 3 years ago

    thank you,i was not trying to go for steampunk,but it sounds like fun