Cybertopian Handgun V2 (steampunk, Cyberpunk, Dystopian Remix)




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Ok, now, im gonna be blunt here, i built this handgun for two reasons.

1, to push my skills a little further by the use of brass cogs, and metal work, as well as a bit of woodwork

2, to sell, for lots and lots of money. *crosses fingers*

Ok, well the main problem with this build was all in my head, while i was building it i had to fight a desperate struggle not to become attached to it. As i new eventually, it would be gone (sold or binned)

Special honours go to my girlfriend Ranbow_Han, for encouraging me, and my fellow chatroom rat bumpus, who not only provided moral support, but also coined the term cybertopian.

Enjoy the read.
Check out the video, also, i am selling this exact model, available here Ebay Auction

The idea/story behind the gun, is that its a small antitank/aircraft weapon, which uses a plutonium radioactive core, and viscous liquid to fire a kind of radioactive napalm bullet. (think small fuel bomb)

Step 1: Parts and Materials.

Ok, heres the list, i will try my best, if theres something you see that i havn't listed, just ask.

- Handle off an old wood saw
- An old hard drive platter (cd might do it)
- A 170 degree cabinet hunge (a gmjhowe favorate)
- An old clock mechanism
- An old stapler
- A sheet of metal tin
- Dense Cardboard (gmjhowe favorate No 2)
- PVA glue
- Super glue
- Epoxy resin
- Black direct to metal spray paint (gmjhowe favorate the third)
- Silver leaf metallic paint
- Black acrylic paint

Step 2: Creating the Base.

Rite, firstly you need to remove the saw blade from the handle, this was just a case of unscrewing some screws then yanking the handle out.

Once i had got the handle i got to work

Pictures 1 & 2 - These show me laying out the handle and hinge, to draw up some card sections for the base, basically play around, and see what you like, i went with a slightly longer gun.

Pictures 3 & 4 - Show me cutting out the card sections using the template i made, the card used is my usual dense cardboard.

Pictures 5 & 6 show the placement of the card sections (one on either face) and a diagram showing the placement of the hdd platter. These sections were held with pva glue, tape them in place till its dry.

Step 3: Building Up the Shape and Hinge Mount

Next we need to build up the gun, and make various sections for attaching our 'bits' to it.

With this section, if you follow the pictures along, you can see me gradually start to build up a barrel, for each layer of cardboard i made a simple paper template to get the right shape.

Each layer was glued using pva glue, with this section you can glue them all down in one go, then tape in place.

Make note of the top and forward sections, where i made space for the old stapler section (top) and the hinge (forward)

Step 4: Hinge, and Ammo Section

Ok, no we need to add the hinge, and the bulk that later makes up the radioactive shielding chamber.

Picture 1 - here we see the glueing of the hinge in place, again pva glue, or epoxy resin. I find the pva glue bond better with the card, so thats what i used. Tape into place until dry.

Pictures 2-5 - Show the build up of the ammo section. Again, using the same technique as before, i slowly built up two sides. Glue this into place with epoxy or pva, as long as you get plenty on the hinge it will hold no problems.

Step 5: Further Ammo Chamber Building

The ammo cover is held in place by small magnets, i built up an extra section to house these.

Pictures 1 & 2 Show the cutting and gluing of these extra sections, in order to get these to fit, i made a paper template, and trimmed it until i got a good fit.

Picture 3 - this shows the gluing and placement of magnets, make sure you take the time to align them up properly.

Picture 4 & 5 show the magnet block in place. They also show where i cut a hole clean through the gun. I then added a couple of metal sections out of a motor, and a tiny round magnet to act as the 'plutonium radioactive core' These were all glued into place using super glue, except for the magnet which is held in place by itself.

Step 6: Remodeling the Barrel

Ok now you mite have noticed the fancy minigun esque barrel sat at the front? well that broke off, so i had to build a better one.

Pictures 1-3 show the cutting of some peices of card, and the attaching of a couple more motor sections. These were all glued in place using epoxy.

Picture 4 shows a simple card trigger that i glued into place, using pva this time (make sure to score the wood to get a good surface to cling to)

While i waited for those section to dry i started adding some screw detail (picture 5) some of this was later removed to make way for metal plating.

Step 7: Paint Job

Picture 1 - Mask off all sections you dont want painting - this being the wooden handle, and the radioactive core

Picture 2 - A layer of black spray paint, again as always, lots of thin layers, DONT CAKE IT ON

Picture 3 - I then painted the whole section with the silver leaf paint

Picture 4 - I then distressed the silver by dry brushing a layer of black acrylic paint onto the gun.

Step 8: Adding Lots of Bits a Crap to the Gun.

Ok, you all know this bit, we all have different piles of stuff, so play around till you get something you like.

Picture 1 - This side stayed very much the same till the end.

Picture 2 - This side got completly reworked, as you can see in the final pics.

Most of the cogs we added by drilling, then gluing in place we epoxy - remember to try and link the cogs up, make it look more convincing.

Step 9: Final Steps, Then Completion

Ok, no one major addition i made to the end product was to add a series of metal tin sheet panels.

I made these by making paper templates, and getting a good fit, before cutting the sections out using kitchen scissors. These were then glued in place using Epoxy.

The second side of the gun was laced with more cogs. Most of this you can make out in the final pics - ive also included some close up shots.

Let me know what you think in the comments, im about to take on a massive project, so i need all the advice i can get!




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    7 years ago on Step 3

    i would love to see you fabricating something like this, but made completely out of wood, 'cept for the metal parts of course, i'm building a revolver/flintlock pistol, the revolver drum is actually made from a weedgrinder, wich i glued tight, i'm gonna try and make the thing rotate, but first i've got to make the stock a little more gentle to my hands


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Where on earth do you get those hinges? I would really like to make this and they work perfectly, but I cant find them anywhere.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    it looks like Leonardo DaVinci's helicopter hit a Banshee...XD


    8 years ago on Introduction

    it looks like something u would expect from gears of war

    Nevermind, i don't know why I thought that.... *iz dummy* I love the idea of using foam core to develop the shape, that makes everything else so much easier.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    its good, youre good. it could have been great though, it has a little bit of a messy unfinished look to it, you should slow down and look at the little things.

    4 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Well, this project was made in one evening, the idea behind it being to make one quickly to sell. Hence why its not as finished. It got dismantled for parts weeks ago.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    anyway, steampunk's meant to look like it's bits of old stuff.... which it usually is. It's always gotta be a little bit un-finished.


    9 years ago on Step 7

    paint it black and dry brush the silver, if you put a small piece of wooden the part that folds down it would look more like a real weapon and less like a saw.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Then that would destroy all organic matter, no? I mean how could it differentiate between "good" and "bad" organisms? (Ain't i a kill-joy?)