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Extraterrestrial Cyborg Helmet

- Rawlings Baseball Helmet

- Computer Tower Case Side Panel

- Metal Washers

- PVC Hose

-PVC Gears

-Metal Gears

- Gorilla Tape

- Hand Saw

- 50 Strand LED Fairy Lights

- Industrial Strength Velcro

- Dremel Tool

- Power Drill

- Multi-Grip Adhesive

- Metallic Copper, and Silver Spray Paint

- Black Spray Paint

- Rubber Hose

- Green Acrylic Paint

- Track of Hair For Weaving

I began by cutting the brim off the helmet with a hand saw then filing down with a dremel tool. Next I carefully removed all padding from inside and drilled 50 holes at random from the outside. I continued by adding the Velcro on the inside back of helmet bottom center this is where the battery pack of the LED lights will be added. Then I spray painted the Helmet Black and distressed it with silver and copper metallic paint in a stroking motion with a rag from an old Tee-Shirt. I then began stringing the lights throughout until all holes had a light flashing and secured with a piece of Gorilla tape making sure to cover the wires also with the tape. After that I glued the cushions back inside using Multi-Grip glue, added Velcro to the battery pack and attached to the one inside. Next I mixed green acrylic paint with a small amount of water making a wash poured into the PVC hose tube giving it a green like Antifreeze color. I continued by attaching the PVC hose from left to right, ear to ear around the back of the Helmet securing in place through other holes drilled using screws and washers. I distressed the side panels of the computer case using a stroke motion with silver spray paint and attached to the sides of helmet using screws and washers over the PVC hose on left and right sides. I then measured and cut down the center a red rubber hose and glued to the perimeter of the helmet. Distressed again with metallic silver spray paint with a stroke motion using a rag with silver spray paint. Next I attached an Asian style Finniel on top of helmet through the hole already there by the manufactures, added springs in a twist motion through the air vents first spraying a copper color, copper color washers over every drilled hole, PVC Gears , Steampunk style Metal gears, braided hair with bone attached, and sprayed the helmet with a triple thick gloss finish.

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    It's a general rule that editors like to see the steps broken up (step 1, step 2, step 3 etc) rather than put all in one step. Also add your pictures per step. This will help your 'ible get featured and get you more views! :)

    Lagatek Produktionz
    Lagatek Produktionz

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    Thank you for your input. I am new to this and will do better next time...


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    I think you're doing BRILLIANT and you have AMAZING ideas! Thats why I wanted to help ya out ;) Here's a couple articles to read to help you in your Instructable journey...
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